Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Updated 29/05/2013

Time I updated my blog sorry I have neglected it for such a long time.
Lots has happened since my last update. My marriage has broken up we where not getting on its very hard living with a person with severe AS always in pain and I now suffer with very bad Fatigue and feel tired all the time. My Diabetes has got bad and was out of control for a long time I'm now on four injections of insulin a day as well as pills and its finally coming under control I am suffering with myopathy in both feet which is another pain to live with. My IBS is much better I now take a lot more stomach protectors and they really make a difference.
I don't take any Biological drugs anymore since all the problems I had with Iritis causing Cataracts Which I am pleased to say I had removed at the end of last year. The only drugs I take at the moment for my AS is Co-codamol .My neck is still moving although a lot less than it was just got to try and keep it moving to slow down the fusion as much as I can apart from that nothing can now be done for my AS. Spurs are causing me problems in both feet my shoulders and Ostio Arthritis is affecting my knees hips and hands.
C.O.P.D has been very bad breathing and wheezing was getting to be a real problem until the Doctor put me on a new Turbo Inhaler brilliant don't wheeze at all now and I can breath much easier now I hope this will keep my Lungs under control for a long time .
I still have Scooby my old Greyhound he is 13 now and like me is coping with he's AS although much stiffer now. I also have adopted a young greyhound cross who was abandoned she is a very affectionate dog gets on well with Scooby and keeps me going. So life go's on and I'm coping as best I can.