Thursday, 13 October 2011

Seen Rheumy specialist biologic's nurse

Saw my Rheumy specialist Biologic's nurse today and I'm of all biologic's for good now. She doesn't feel Im gaining anything from them now they are not helping with the pain and I have got a lot worse in the last few months. We did talk about Simponi but because my breathing is being more restricted by my fused ribs it is a big risk that I could get Pneumonia again this winter.So we will see how things go without the Biologic's  and just take pain relief and I have Morphine if I need it. I don't think the Enbrel was doing anything for me anyway except causing Iritis every few weeks so Im hoping I wont feel any worse than I do now.

I was expecting to see new Rheumy today and was very sad to hear that one of my Rheumy nurses had died suddenly and so every thing had changed and my old Rheumy is staying on at the moment. I am pleased he is not going but very sad about Norma she was a good nurse and new her job my thoughts are with her family.

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